Wee Hoodie.

Back in November, I had the ambition to make hoodies for our kids for Christmas.  Fortunately, my practical side stepped in and and edited that thought for me:  don’t bite off more than you can chew, start with just one kid.  The one who won’t know she’s getting a hoodie instead of a toy.  The one who still likes an empty cardboard box to play with.  Good call, self.

I found this adorable hoodie pattern on Etsy from Heidi & Finn.


You can get the one for just 6 mos. through 5T or this one that goes 12 mos. clear up to size 12.  It makes a completely lined hoodie, so the little person is basically wearing two hoodies.  Warm.  Also, it’s a unisex pattern, so just pick out gender appropriate fabric.

Wish they had one for adults.  I could live in hoodies for the rest of my life.  Even summer.  Just chop de sleeves.  Sigh.  I digress.

Meanwhile, in the original movie:  It looks way more advanced than my level of skill would admit for, but the directions made my two left hands turn out a pretty expert job.  I loved the technique for attaching the hood in between two layers.  You sort of sew it down inside the two layers, right sides of the body facing each other, pinning the hood hem.. bottom, whatever you’d call that, in place, but leave the bottom hem part of the body unstitched and turn the whole thing inside out like a pillow case.  Then you attach the bottom band.

…There’s a reason that I don’t write instruction manuals.

Anyway, I did the whole thing with a regular sewing machine.  This is some delightful striped french terry from Raspberry Creek Fabrics that I found months ago and purchased three different colors in bulk.  (I now have a maxi dress, a hoodie, one for my mom, one for the Teeny Tiny, and a peplum tunic for my 11-year old girlie.. told ya, bulk).


The lining is some very lightweight jersey knit that I just cut up from an old shirt of mine that had outlived it’s usefulness.  Again, I just used a regular sewing machine for this project.  Use a tight and wide zig zag to imitate the overlock finish on the seams if you want.  I actually didn’t even do that.


Another even shorter short cut is to do a really narrow zig zag, like 1 or 2 mm, so that it almost looks like a straight line.  Gives those straight edges, like down the sides, just a bit more give for daily pulling on and off, and thus, a bit more endurance.  I know this from sad experience.  Not doing it, that is.  The not part was the sad experience.  😦  Works great, though.

Today’s lesson:  take a leap, try something a bit harder, or new.  You can do it.  🙂


Happy sewing.


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