Basic Tee by Seamly.

This may just be my favorite tee.  Today.  I loves it.  (Does your inner Gollum ever peek through?)  It’s called the Basic Tee by Seamly.  (I found it on IndieSew via a post on another blog, for those of you who want to hunt down the pattern.)  I love the casual, loose, boyfriend fit.  Look at those sleeves!  Heaven?  Yeah.  Think so.


It still has a scoop neck for a touch of femininity, and it’s long and lovely.  To top it off, I found this shady, dusty, slate blue bamboo (100%) from Koshtex on etsy to carve it out of.


Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the cutting out, and putting together process.  So you just get to ogle my fantastic photography skills (ha) of the finished product.  It’s a very loose relaxed fit pattern.


I first made a size small..  It drowned me.  I’m crediting that experience with my becoming a pirate.  Anyway! – then I chopped it and re-vamped it into a size XS.  Might not be perfect, but, as I’m not, I don’t expect my sewing to be.  Sure is nice when it is, though…  Or it would be.


I did raise the neckline about an inch for my personal preferences.  I’m seriously considering lengthening the whole thing (the pattern) to about my knees with kind of a side-split hem, notched, higher straight hem in the front than the back (jeez, there must be an accurate word for that which I am not in possession of).  Wouldn’t that be a BEST EVER TEE SHIRT DRESS??  Methinks so.  But, in the meantime, here is the tee.


Happy Friday!




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