Swing Tee Dress.

I have a fetish with navy blue.  I found this knit like a year ago at JoAnn (I feel like that should have an ‘s’ at the end..) and bought a yard.  With absolutely no plan for it.  Just had to have it.


It sat in my sewing closet looking tempting, but too pretty to experiment with unless I was sure about my project.  It has a drape to it that would make a pretty dress, but one yard would would not “dress” me.  It would just “tunic” me.   SOOO.. I happen to have a little person that loves to have a new dress now and then, and happens to looking spankin’ cute in navy blue.  She’s sweet.  Spunky, too.  Like the fabric.  Also, I love tee dresses.  And this knit is so bouncy and drapey it would have made for a too-clingy shift dress, so swing it was.  I just took one of her looser fitting tee shirts, laid it out on the fabric.


Yes, straight on the fabric.  So lazy.  But with this print, you couldn’t really go wrong if the pattern wasn’t perfectly straight or symmetrical.  So to get to the more fun part faster, I skipped a few steps.  I did, however, spend much more time getting the sleeves traced out just right.  That’s a step you can’t skip, I think.  Unless you’re making something sleeveless.  Haven’t yet.  Anyway, I just took a shirt of hers, and cut the fabric out about a 1/2″ away from the shirt.  Kept right to the shirt outline till about 4-6 inches below the armpit then angled it out considerably so it would twirl and flounce the way fabric like that is meant to.   I measured down to just below her little knees and hemmed it.  The fabric was pretty pleasant to work with, but this was before I had a serger and before I discovered the narrow zig zag stitch trick for knits.  So..  It did get a popped seam after a few months, on the side.  Easy to fix, which I did with a narrow zig zag.  Worked like a charm.


For the neck – the collar, if you don’t have an actual pattern, here is a good rule of thumb:  measure the distance around with a tape measure, and then subtract roughly 3 inches (depending on the stretch of your fabric, if it’s REALLY floppy stuff, you may need to chop more, if it’s not got much give, keep it closer to 2 inches).

Well, now I’m just waiting for my dear girl to walk in and strike a few poses so’s you can see it on..  There she is!


There you go.  Cute girl.  Spunky little swing tee dress.  Good on it’s own, with a cardigan, some shimmery sandals, or, for goodness’ sake, some white sneakers.  Sigh.  So much fun.


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