Raglan Tee Dress. {Another Cheater}

This one was fun.  I wish it was my size.  But, I’ve discovered, that’s just the way of things.  Little girl stuff is always so cute.  But grown up stuff…not always.  Yet another reason to grab some fabric and make my own things in absolute jaw-set defiance.

But I digress.

This dress makes me just grin when I see it.  It is absolutely perky.  I believe I also cheated on this one (I didn’t use a pattern, and just laid one of her shirts down on the fabric).  My lovely neighbor gave me this stripey red tee dress that had outlived her use.  I had some very slippery charcoal colored knit.  And the wee little girl is a willing test subject.  Perfect storm.

-That is not a negative phrase, by the way.  Storms are the best. …unless you’re on a mountain.


So, I kept the hem of the original dress for simplicity’s sake, and laid out a shirt of hers up on the torso area – enough length to hit below her knee so she could grow taller in it with no worry.  I chopped the arms for the new dress at a diagonal.  For the raglan sleeves (man, I love a good raglan sleeve tee shirt) I just folded the charcoal fabric, laid an existing shirtsleeve against the fold, and cut out a straight sleeve (instead of curvy, like regular sleeves).  This picture is helpful.


The red line is basically where you would cut to have some seam allowance.  See the shape of the red line in the above picture and the sleeve in the below one?


I debated about the collar, red striped, or charcoal??  My husband weighed in his opinion that the charcoal was a better contrast.  Also it made the sleeves stand out.

To finish it off, I did the collar and the sleeve hem (is there another word for that?) in red thread for a zippy little detail (it’s all in the details).



And, voila!  C’est fini!  {Fact: sewing makes you fluent in French..}

Well, there you go.  Think twice before you toss out old clothes.  They might make a delightful dolman sleeve tee for your mini folk, or some adorable leggings for your even mini-er folk.

Have sew much fun!

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