Dusky Mint.

Some of these posts are a bit of a tutorial.  Some are more like show & tell.  Today it’s a bit more on the tutorial side.

This is one of my favorite colors.  Such a subtle, pretty dusted mint color.  Kind of makes you think there’s some misty story afoot.  Like Brave.  It was part of my Christmas treasury.  I may also like it partly because it came straight from England.  I am an anglophile {also a lover of Scotland & Ireland, but there don’t seem to be conclusive, accepted words for those terms – and I always use real words}.  So, yeah.  This is my English Tee.  😀

I used my own pattern, again.  The one I cut from the newspaper roll-end (see “Bright Spots”).  Really, if you haven’t gone out and bought yourself one by now, pry open your wallet and let the $2 be creative.  Here are the pieces:


I tried a changing of the steps, here, and ironed the hems down before I sewed them to see if it made things easier later on.  It did.  At least, I like it.  But I also get into the car lane I need miles ahead of needing it.

There are two ways to attach sleeves on a tee.  The first one is to sew the top of the body together at the shoulders.  Then you lay it out, right side up, and pin the sleeves, right side down, onto the arm scye (arm hole), and sew!  Like-a this:


The other method, which I find easier to pin, is to sew up the shoulders and the sides.  Flip it inside out.  Leave it for a moment and go sew the sleeves to their tubular state.  Keep those right side out, and put them inside the shirt body up to the arm hole.  Then pin them in place and sew.  Trick with that method is that you have to have the sleeve circumference measured exactly to the circumference of the arm hole.  But it can be done.  I’ve noticed that it’s not the more common method, though, and the reason may be that the first method, the open sleeve open body one, makes it so that when you put the right sides together and sew up the sides and along the underarm of the sleeve, the circumference of both arm hole and sleeve get taken care of for you.  Observe:


However, here’s a slip up secret.  I messed up on my sleeves and the ones in this picture were just a hair too snug for my liking.  I removed them and replaced them with others I cut using the second method – setting the sleeves straight in.  So, it has it’s place and purpose.

-Side note:  pockets are much easier to attach before you sew up the sides.  I’ve learned and relearned that a few times.  Still, it can be done the forgetful way, in which I am well-traveled.

After that, you just have the collar and the hemming!

Oh, I wanted to illustrate the importance of ironing in making a garment look not so…unprofessional.  So I have here a before and after picture (obviously in different lighting.)

And here is the perfected finished product!



Oh, the color, the color!!


How ’bout that?

Now go and make yourself something gorgeous.

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