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Remember the Basic Tee fabric?  Well, one yard of that was 72″ wide.  Thass pretty big.  Needless to say, after making myself a t-shirt, I had plenty left over to make a little dress for our smallest person.  Don’t leave if you were hoping for an adult t-shirt!  This idea will work beautifully for an adult.  Tee or dress.  And just like so many other things, I didn’t use a pattern for it, just laid a dress of hers out on the fabric and went at it.  I think my whims change too often to buy patterns for our kids.  Also, stuff in their size is slightly less particular when it comes to getting every slope, every curve right.  On an adult it would be more noticeable and therefore require much more attention.  But there’s so much you can get away with when it comes to a miniaturized version.  I would have to say there’s an exception when it comes to special stuff, like that Urban Hoodie (see Wee Hoodie) which I have not the expertise to just produce out of thin air.  Yet.  Hats off to those folk in the pattern making world.

(Right now..  I am avoiding cleaning the kitchen.  It’s not procrastination.  It’s carefully sculpted time management.  Yes it is.)

So, so, so..  Here are some pictures of the process:

Cut out the bodice.


And then, here’s the COOL part.  I wanted to try to make a seam straight across the back in the shoulder area.  So classy.  T-shirt + Classy = Rock My World.  I set the front of the bodice (after I had cut them identically except for the neckline) down about a 1/2 inch, so it would let me cut the back bodice’s arm scye 1/2″ longer and still have the same slope.


Thus I would have a half inch of extra fabric to fold inward (toward the inside of the dress), sew down, and then topstitch.  Here’s what the two pieces look like together from the back.


So see?  The back arm scye is longer.  It was all just a great theory in my head and..  It worked.  OH yeah!  (Me-sized version, I’m comin’ for you.)

I sewed the shoulders and the sides down before I remembered to do the sleeves, so they got done the 2nd way to do sleeves:  put that sleeve (still right side out) inside the bodice so the right sides are together.


It worked just fine.  Then I hemmed everything and put the collar on.  Couldn’t decide about the front.  Two pockets way down?  Small chest pocket?  A friend threw in her two cents and two pockets it was.  🙂  Here is the dress.


And here is the cute bebe in it.


No, that’s not a stain, I splattered water on it trying to curl her hair for the picture.

Here you can see the sugary part.  The line on the back shoulders.


Bah!  It’s so cute!!  I love tee dresses.  So even if you don’t have the urge to make toddler clothes, this is a great idea for an adult tee.  ..Stand by.

Except.  Now I guess I have to go clean the kitchen.  I’ll probably be happier right afterwards…

This is more fun, though.  🙂



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