Basic Tee Striped.

I finally bit the bullet.  This fabric has been so carefully preserved in my stash because it was too important to experiment with.  I first saw it as a Basic Tee on a blog WAAY back last summer.. or before.. I hunted the internet for the bamboo spandex charcoal stripe.  Found it – which was amazing – and then it sold out.

I cried for two days.

Not really.  I was distraught, though.  Bitterly.  Months later, it came back and I hurried and bought just 1 meter (Canada..) cuz it was kinda pricey.  So, it’s been sitting there, waiting for me to perfect a pattern so I wouldn’t waste it.  So here we go.


That is one of my favorite sights.

I used the Basic Tee pattern, again, with some modifications.  I do the XS on it, {my measurements, for those who are thinking about using this pattern, are 32″- 28″- 36″, kind of a domino shape 😀 } and still feel like I am swimming in it.  Though, I feel as if I have not the typical body shape.  I have not got proportionate hips for my size – which I’m totally cool with – so shirts that are meant to rest on your hips when the time comes, do not on mine.  They just hang there.  Like I’m wearing my husband’s shirt.  If I had a pager hooked on a belt, that would serve.  But, alas, pager time is gone.  Also, who would page me??  My phone is so archaic that it can remember cousins who were pagers, but they have long since passed away…

Oh, yeah.  Shirt.  Anyway, I had to make some adjustments.  I took in the sides maybe a 1/2″ all the way down.  {See that straight stitch just inside the serged line?}


In retrospect, I think I took in the bottom 5-6″ more than that and could have happily kept it to the consistent 1/2″.  Also, as you can see in this charming photo, I took up the neckline all around for bending-over-modestly-around-kids purposes:


Then, all the putting together.  Shoulders and sleeves:


Pocket:  (In the right order, this time.)


Sides and hems – both bottom and sleeves:


Then, the daunting neckline.  I have come across another way of doing that which I may have a go at sometime..  but for now, we’ll do it the old fashioned way.


And that’s it!  I think the adjustments were darn near perfect, for me, and I still ended up with the intended look of the Basic Tee.  Yay!


See how it just flops and flows?  That’s the spandex talking.


Ahhhhh.  SO comfortable.  This puppy is so bloomin’ versatile I could wear it with a pencil skirt to church, or with skinny jeans and flats, or with my favorite Halle pants (in the pictures) and some chipper espadrilles.  OH yeah.  Spring IS coming. .. It IS.

Alright.  Off you go to find some fabric that you’re not going to touch for months.


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