Drop Shoulder Tee.

Our toy room is really a catch-all toy cemetery..  Not full of ill-used toys.  There are just.. a lot.  And they’re mostly unused.  Our kids don’t really play with a great many of them.  But then they get more for Christmas and birthdays which they are SO EXCITED ABOUT!!  But then they end up reading books.  Or playing tag.  Or out on their scooters/bikes/ripsticks/etc.  Which I’m really cool with.  Except that the toys seem to multiply down there.  So, lately we’re giving the kids options to do big activities for birthdays instead of get so many things.  Surprisingly they seem to really like that idea.

*This really does have a point..  and it is related to sewing.*

So for our littlest kid’s birthday this month, we decided to get more useable things (she’s 2, she won’t know if she got to go on a special outing yet).  Thankfully, the girl loves shoes.  “Soos!”  Loves them.  Anybody’s.  Not just hers.  So, we got her shoes, a baby photo book of her first year, a stuffed animal (which I actually have not seen since that day….) and I made her a shirt.  (See?  Point.  Sewing.)

I have a huge store of my clothes that I don’t wear anymore, but which could be used to make toddler leggings or kid tee shirts.  So we got her some zippy, cute little shoes and I went stash-diving for something in there that would match the shoes.  Found an old navy maternity shirt that never did actually work on me (pooh) and started chopping.

*Actually, it never works that quickly.  Usually what happens, and I do this with my fabric, too, is that I lay it out on a surface and sit in front of it with my arms folded, or chin in my hand, or squinting at it, for sometimes an hour, until I land on what to do with it.  Can’t be too careful with these things, you know.  Sometimes my husband has walked by and said, “Whatch doin’?” and I say, “Thinking.”  He pauses, and then leaves.  Funny, right?  No.  But that’s how I work.  Next time I’ll skip this paragraph.  Probably could have this time, but now you know.  And knowing is half the battle.

So, stripes.  I have a thing with stripes.  So dang classy.  And they make everything look better.  Boring pants, frumpy hair, etc.


I laid out a shirt of her own onto this, right up to the neckline, hoping to use it, and then cut way out from it to make a loose drop shoulder top – much like this one, just without the extended long sleeves.  I didn’t take a picture of that with her tee on top of it before I cut, but here it is afterwards:


This is very similar to the One Hour Top by Fancy Tiger – and I believe that is one of their free patterns.  I lined up the stripes on the shoulders and the sides cuz that makes it look so smooth and nice.  It takes some extra effort, but it’s really worth it.

I made this one very simple, just hemmed the sleeves and bottom and just folded down the front collar (I was able to use the original collar on the back, but not the front) maybe a 1/2″ or less and double stitched it.  Ha!  Didn’t have to make a collar!  Yay.

After it all was put together I decided to put some sort of graphic appliqué on there.  I have this lovely coral jersey (I have like 3 different kinds of coral fabric, maybe 4) and cut out a star.


I ironed on some fusible sheer weight to the back of it.  That does two things.  It gives it stability AND makes it less see through.  Stripes stay in their designated area and the star really gets to do it’s thang.  I wonder if there’s something that would fuse to the star AND to the shirt fabric..  If you know of any magic of that sort, please tell me in the comments section.

Stitched that baby on and then decided to up the game and top stitch the shoulders in coral thread.  It takes this from cute to ‘oh yeah’.


To topstitch, use the setting on your machine that looks like a straight stitch, but as a set of three.


That creates a thicker, more noticeable line, which you want with topstitching.

It turned out great and even gives her room to grow.  Also, she actually liked it!  AND.  She smiled for pictures.  🙂

Cheesy grin.


Then, sneaking up on a bad guy.


Don’t know what she was doing there.  Funny, though.


And, lastly, the chewing on a gummy vitamin pose.

Funny little muffin.  Have a stellar day!


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