Hair Volume.

Okay.  You were fairly warned in the title page.  It says “Sewing Etc.”  Today is an “etc.”

I stumbled upon this trick a couple weeks ago as I was getting ready, and it’s really transformed my hair possibilities.  Now, please bear with me as I’ve never made a video tutorial before.  I have skipped all the blow-drying, because..  Bo.  Rang.  So just know that letting your hair air dry for about 30-45 minutes beforehand helps to give it body in addition to this trick.

Hair Volume Magic Trick Video

So, there you go!  ‘Tis a long video, but, I don’t know how to edit it, and I did look into that and still don’t know.  So, it does use a heat styling tool.  BUT.  I feel like it’s less damaging because I let my hair get mostly dry before I start, so that cuts down on the blow drying time, <—hence less damaging.

This is so transforming because it makes it so even us fine-haired chicas can do any style.  Even ones that call for thicker hair!  It opens up possibilities, to be sure, but without the muck of tons of gunk in your hair, or the pain {literally} of teasing it.  I suppose if you wanted it to be really solid, you could spray the underside of the line of hair you’re lifting up, *let it dry*, and then do this technique, but, as I said in the video, you don’t need to in order to get the volume.


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