Boden Imitation.

For goodness sake, that was a long absence.  Some rather involved house projects robbed me of my sewing room for a while.  But, ‘s’okay.  Now the sewing room is much brighter and prettier.  More conducive to creativity.  Which brings me to this charming pink tee.

This fabric is a really lightweight 100% cotton that is perfect for a tee.  I had been drooling over a dolman sleeve Boden tee that was made with a similar fabric, so I decided to try … free-handing it, I guess.  It’s definitely not an exact replica, but cute in its own right, for sure.  I love this style of tee, because it is so ridiculously simple to make (tres pieces. max.   two, if you just want to fold the neckline down for your collar, which I have done).  And the simplicity of its design makes it classy.  I believe it was DaVinci who said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  That guy.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch..  I started by laying out a well-fitting shirt of my own and then just guessing about what shape a dolman sleeve would be with similar dimensions.  Here are some pictures of the process:


I didn’t hem it, because I wasn’t sure what length I wanted till I tried it on, but then I loved the rolled hem look so much that I left it.  I tried a new way of attaching the collar (remember I mentioned I’d tripped over a new method??  -this is it).  First, I sewed the two sides, and only one of the shoulders.  Then, with my ironed collar, I stretched it gently/generously along the neckline, and serged it right to it (using a regular sewing machine would work just fine, too), and while sewing, pulled the two pieces together till the stretched collar piece laid flat with the neckline.


After that I sewed the other shoulder together.  Oh, I am liberated from the tedious business of pinning a collar to a neckline!  I hates that.  I get the rest of a tee done in a matter of a couple hours, but the mental business of that collar stops me in my tracks for a few days.  Every time.  Bah.  But not any more.  *evil laugh*

Anyway, on to the finished product!


So, there you go!  After having written all this, I realize that I am not quite sure if this style of tee is in fact a dolman sleeve tee or a drop shoulder tee…  Hm.  Whatever.

So, there is a quick way to make a delightful (and easy) tee for yo’self.  Happy Summer!




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