Tee Dress.

I have had a breakthrough. I have a new sewing companion that makes taking pictures of my creations far more readily convenient. Here she is:

Isn’t she just lovely? She is. She’s great. She holds still for photos, always looks fantastic, and is very low maintenance. My daughter thinks I should name her Legolas.

*Pause for effect.*

..Update: our son just suggested Mannequin Skywalker..   😂 These kids.

Anyway, it does make it so I can snap away and get the best angles and shots without feeling so painfully narcissistic. My husband sweetly reminded me that people wanna see my projects on-person (a term which here means, “on me”.. it’s quite similar to in-person, but since you’re out there and I’m here, we can’t actually manage the latter term). So this is great for showcasing.

Anyway, that is just a lead up to today’s charming subject. A timeless classic. A versatile piece of simplicity.

The tee dress.

My favorite thing in the world to wear is a perfectly fitting tee shirt (I may have said that once before. Or twice..). And when the occasion calls for a dress, which really isn’t my thang, what better choice than a long tee shirt? Totally socially acceptable. But. I’m still just wearing a tee shirt. Boom. (I don’t know how women have done that on a daily basis for centuries. Thank goodness for pants – and the 70’s which made them okay.)

So, here it is. In the immortal words of Captain Picard, “Tee Dress, Earl Grey, Hot”:

Grey tee dress for when it’s hot.

A tee dress is something that can be spruced up with a sweater, a belt, long necklace, etc.

..or worn with white sneakers and sunglasses.

I can wrap up and layer over it in the winter, or wear it with my Birks in the summer.


Did I mention that grey is my favorite color of tee to wear? My husband teases me, calls them my Earnest P. Worrell shirts.

Meh. They’re perfect.

So here are a couple shots of the journey it went on from fabric to fabulous:

I literally just traced 1/2″ out from my best fitting tee for the body. And traced the sleeves on a fold of the fabric. I did scoot the front scoop of the arm scye in about a 1/2″ more to center than the same on the backside to get rid of baggy fabric just in from my shoulders.

Et voila! (Remember what I said about French?)

So great. What fun.

Now. Go grab a favorite tee shirt and start chopping some cheery fabric up! 😊

P.S. Did anyone catch all the movie allusions in there? Such a nerd.

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