Here we go

Alright. So. I’m Jessica.  I love many and sundry things, but my daily (at least I would love to do it every day) fix is sewing..

IMG951673_0001And reading. And holding a sleeping kid. Um, also hanging out with my great love. Hiking, climbing, kayaking, David Attenborough, pizza, mashed potatoes, ancient history, (the list, she grows), et cetera.

But, sewing. I love to sew t-shirts. And hoodies (that’s more recent). Sometimes other things, but mostly tees. Yes, tees. I don’t feel like you can have too many, or, at least, that I do. I relish in a good sewing blog, but I always feel like I need more tee ideas than what I’m being given. Greedy? No.


Anyway, I love the blogs I frequent. I never thought about doing my own sewing blog till one quiet evening, sitting in front of the lit Christmas tree, I felt like this little, unattainable, niggling (yup, it’s a word) idea down inside me started to tingle. I mentioned my deep, hiding little thought to my love who said, “I really think you should do it.”

You know that excitement where you turn to this idea that was too lofty, too high and suddenly there’s a ladder there? Like, “Wait.. You mean I can do that??”

That’s what it felt like. Every girl should have a husband like mine.

So, here we go.


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