Dusky Mint.

Some of these posts are a bit of a tutorial.  Some are more like show & tell.  Today it's a bit more on the tutorial side. This is one of my favorite colors.  Such a subtle, pretty dusted mint color.  Kind of makes you think there's some misty story afoot.  Like Brave.  It was part … Continue reading Dusky Mint.

Raglan Tee Dress. {Another Cheater}

This one was fun.  I wish it was my size.  But, I've discovered, that's just the way of things.  Little girl stuff is always so cute.  But grown up stuff...not always.  Yet another reason to grab some fabric and make my own things in absolute jaw-set defiance. But I digress. This dress makes me just grin … Continue reading Raglan Tee Dress. {Another Cheater}