Basic Tee by Seamly.

This may just be my favorite tee.  Today.  I loves it.  (Does your inner Gollum ever peek through?)  It's called the Basic Tee by Seamly.  (I found it on IndieSew via a post on another blog, for those of you who want to hunt down the pattern.)  I love the casual, loose, boyfriend fit.  Look … Continue reading Basic Tee by Seamly.

Charcoal dots.

Right.  Next!  Okay, remember this photo?     My Christmas fun. Now we're going to play with that lovely, rich, pin spotted charcoal fabric.  Springy as can be and holds it's shape great.  You know how most fabric curls at the edges?  Especially when you wash and dry it?  This fella is so chill.  It … Continue reading Charcoal dots.